Wednesday Vignette – blissfully high

The other day, I trudged across the St John’s bridge to place some hard to remove political signs (for an upcoming school board election) and a MUCH needed school construction bond) in a highly visible spot, where traffic usually clogs up at least twice a day. It was a beautiful day, and a lovely walk. What I didn’t expect was the serenity I felt in seeing the world from that high up. All of the grit and grime of daily existence melted away, and everything below seemed sparkling clean and pure. Even the evidence of industry seemed tidy and neat, as it floated on the glittering surface of the water. I felt a detached, voyeuristic, solitary calm, similar to looking out of an airplane – except the sounds around me weren’t overpowered by the sound of engines. I relished my temporary separation from the sordid underbelly of reality for as long as it lasted. It really was quite marvelous. In a week, I can do it again – to take the signs down.


About annamadeit

Born and raised in Sweden, my aesthetics and outlook on life are strongly shaped by a culture rich in history and tradition. I care a great deal about environmental responsibility, and my aesthetic reflects the visually clean, functional practicality and sustainable solutions that are the hallmarks of modern Scandinavia. I was trained as an architect at the University of Cincinnati and as a color specialist at the Scandinavian Colour Institute in Stockholm. I'm obsessed with plants and gardens, and aim to take my skill set a step further by designing gardens as well as interiors. As someone so aptly said: " Architecture is the skin that separates the exterior from the interior". So true - you can't successfully focus on one without incorporating the other. I'm also an avid cook, and I love to ski. In addition, I put time and efforts into trying to rectify things that I feel are wrong in my immediate community. As you will see, The Creative Flux will touch on all these things, and more. For sure, it's all over the map, but then again - so am I! Welcome to my blog!
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17 Responses to Wednesday Vignette – blissfully high

  1. Peter/Outlaw says:

    We miss so much as we speed through life scuttling from one place to the next in our metal bubbles like rats in a maze. Thank you for this moment of reflection and serenity that comes from exploring on foot. How different it all seems when we view the maze from the top

    • annamadeit says:

      So interesting that you made the rat in the maze parallel, Peter. I very nearly wrote that, because I felt the elation I imagine a rat that had managed to escape the maze might feel. It was nice to get away, however briefly!

  2. Walking that bridge is something I’ve always meant to do, thanks for the preview!
    My WV:

  3. Kris P says:

    I love overhead views. They certainly do provide a sense of detachment and contribute to reflection. Here’s my more mundane WV:

  4. Alison says:

    I have a fear of heights, so crossing bridges, even in the car, has always been an ass-puckering experience. I can’t imagine doing it on foot. You got some great shots, though, I’m glad you found it calming and liberating. It is a nice bridge, I’ve crossed it a few times on the way to Cistus and Joy Creek. My own WV this week is also from high up, but it’s more of an awe-inducing vista than a look straight down, and I had my feet on solid ground when I took it. It’s here:

    • annamadeit says:

      I can see that that would be unnerving… I remember a visiting relative who begged me to drive in the inner lane going up Mount Hood – she had that same fear, and it was very real…

  5. rickii says:

    Your bird’s-eye view does elevate us from the daily squalor….”why, then, oh why can’t I?”

  6. What a great perspective, and well-described. Those moments of clarity are special in our daily lives. Thanks for sharing your words and your photos. And thanks for hosting this meme.

  7. Mark and Gaz says:

    Can’t help but be pensive seeing that view!

  8. hb says:

    You find the most beautiful places. Thank you for sharing them.

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