Wednesday Vignette – perception?

When I first bought the fabulously leaved Canna ‘Stuttgart’, I was slightly curious about the flower color, but the answer didn’t really mean much to me. I mean, it’s not a plant one usually selects based on flowers, I imagine – the leaves are so incredibly cool. Still, I did a Google search on the matter. Some sites stated pink, some peach, and some orange. I guess, with all the photo altering tools out there, one never knows… right? Anyway, on the day of the Congressional Mueller hearings, mine finally bloomed. To me, it is decidedly orange, despite what others might think. And, to me, based on the hour of TV I watched, there was definitely manyfold obstructions of justice going on. Judging from numerous questions from the (R) members of the Judicial Committee going on, there are still many whose focus lies more on creating doubt and diversion than truth-finding.

Flower of Canna 'Stuttgart'

Flower of Canna ‘Stuttgart’ finally blooming on July 24, 2019, in my garden

Although it had highlights, I don’t think the “movie version” of the Mueller report was as blockbuster as one might have hoped. To many, I bet the orange is still pink, so to speak. That said, having paid attention for a while now – to me – this matter is decidedly orange. I just hope, by now, most others would agree.

About annamadeit

I was born and raised in Sweden, By now, I have lived almost as long in the United States. The path I’ve taken has been long and varied, and has given me a philosophical approach to life. I may joke that I’m a sybarite, but the truth is, I find joy and luxury in life’s simple things as well. My outlook on life has roots in a culture rich in history and tradition, and I care a great deal about environmental stewardship. Aesthetically, while drawn to the visually clean, functional practicality and sustainable solutions that are the hallmarks of modern Scandinavia, I also have a deep appreciation for the raw, the weathered, and the worn - materials that tell a story. To me, contrast, counterpoint, and diversity are what makes life interesting and engaging. Color has always informed everything I do. I’m a functional tetrachromat, and a hopeless plantoholic. I was originally trained as an architect working mostly on interiors, but soon ventured outside - into garden design. It’s that contrast thing again… An interior adrift from its exterior, is like a yin without a yang. My firm conviction that everything is connected gets me in trouble time and time again. The world is a big place, and full of marvelous distractions, and offers plentiful opportunities for inquiry and exploration. I started writing to quell my constant queries, explore my discoveries, and nurture my curiosity. The Creative Flux was started in 2010, and became a catch-all for all kinds of intersecting interests. The start of Flutter & Hum at the end of 2013 marks my descent into plant nerd revelry. I occasionally contribute to other blogs, but those two are my main ones. For sure, topics are all over the map, but then again - so am I! Welcome to my blogs!
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12 Responses to Wednesday Vignette – perception?

  1. mmwm says:

    Oh, definitely agree it’s orange! All the way around!

  2. There is a delightful correlation between the subject of my WV and the subject of yours.

    Curiously when it came to my Canna Cleo the blooms were all of those colors and more. Some even dual colored and some sporting spots!

    • annamadeit says:

      Hmm, interesting… wonder if Canna flowers just do that? Maybe it has to do with what’s in the soil, etc…? I remember C. Cleopatra – the flowers on mine were half tomato red, half bright, golden yellow. I honestly didn’t care much for her flowers, but I lament losing her all the same. Those leaves were stunning! They had a Canna with similar leaves at Hughes Water Gardens the other week, but it wasn’t Cleopatra. I should have snagged one…

  3. Kris P says:

    Yes, decidedly orange. No fake news there.

  4. Tina says:

    Definitely orange and against that blue sky, well, swoon! I agree with Kris–no fake news! My musing for the day:

  5. I agree with orange. I’ve noticed that flowers I think of as lavender blue are called pink by some. As for Mueller, I’m pinning my hopes on the 2020 elections.

    • annamadeit says:

      Yeah, you and me both. The Supreme Court’s essential endorsement of gerrymandering stresses me out to no end… Heads down, noses to the grindstone, and all fingers and toes crossed! 🤞🤞🤞

  6. tonytomeo says:

    Politics and orange. hmmmm

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