Wednesday Vignette – garden friends and foes

Almost any time I see critters flit about and make their way in my garden, I get so excited! In this world of ever shrinking diversity, I flatter myself by thinking that species of all kinds seek my little spot out for it’s shady overhead protection, to sip some nectar out of some flowering marvel, or to cool off in the birdbath. Of course these are probably just fantasies on my part, but I like to think my little garden makes a difference in bettering lives other than my own. Here is a grasshopper I caught just the other day, chilling on an Itea.


In case you wander why I said “almost”, I admit to not being entirely fond of all the neighborhood cats that seem to have created some kind of cat highway through the back of our yard. Nothing against cats per se, but we discovered the hard way that the kitty we adopted from our neighbors, has nothing to defend himself with. The poor thing had been declawed! 😦  It’s at the point where he is afraid to go outside, so I try luring him out when I’m out there, so I can direct a well aimed jet of water at any unwanted intruders, in his defense. It seems to keep them at bay, at least for a little bit. Other than sharply adorned, semi-feral cats, though – all others are welcome!

About annamadeit

I was born and raised in Sweden, By now, I have lived almost as long in the United States. The path I’ve taken has been long and varied, and has given me a philosophical approach to life. I may joke that I’m a sybarite, but the truth is, I find joy and luxury in life’s simple things as well. My outlook on life has roots in a culture rich in history and tradition, and I care a great deal about environmental stewardship. Aesthetically, while drawn to the visually clean, functional practicality and sustainable solutions that are the hallmarks of modern Scandinavia, I also have a deep appreciation for the raw, the weathered, and the worn - materials that tell a story. To me, contrast, counterpoint, and diversity are what makes life interesting and engaging. Color has always informed everything I do. I’m a functional tetrachromat, and a hopeless plantoholic. I was originally trained as an architect working mostly on interiors, but soon ventured outside - into garden design. It’s that contrast thing again… An interior adrift from its exterior, is like a yin without a yang. My firm conviction that everything is connected gets me in trouble time and time again. The world is a big place, and full of marvelous distractions, and offers plentiful opportunities for inquiry and exploration. I started writing to quell my constant queries, explore my discoveries, and nurture my curiosity. The Creative Flux was started in 2010, and became a catch-all for all kinds of intersecting interests. The start of Flutter & Hum at the end of 2013 marks my descent into plant nerd revelry. I occasionally contribute to other blogs, but those two are my main ones. For sure, topics are all over the map, but then again - so am I! Welcome to my blogs!
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18 Responses to Wednesday Vignette – garden friends and foes

  1. We have these in our garden. A year or two back I was prompted to look them up to be sure, and found that the length of the antennae identified them as crickets. What do you think?

    • annamadeit says:

      As with plants, I think Latin names probably are the way to go… When I first Googled images of “crickets” (before publishing my post) most crickets that showed up were brown. Then, being tired, I could only remember what we call them in Sweden, which is “Vårtbitare” (meaning wort eater), so I went with grasshopper. Now, after I’ve had some sleep, your comment made me look again, and found that one familiar name (to me) is Katydid – also known as Bush Cricket. According to Wikipedia, there are about 6,400 varieties, and the proper scientific name is Tettigonidae. I’ll let a more qualified entomologist figure out exactly which Tettigonidae it actually is. 🙂

  2. vinxenzo says:

    hi there! can you provide me an email to contact you? thx

  3. Kris P says:

    Your poor cat! Most creatures are harmless in moderation. I don’t mind the occasional grasshopper here either but a swarm of locusts would be another matter! Here’s my WV:

    • annamadeit says:

      Oh my – well that could mean damage of biblical proportions… Yikes! Yeah, I feel for him – poor thing. I’m taking on the role of Mama Bear – at the ready with the garden hose… They’d better not touch him!

  4. Alison says:

    Nice shot of a grasshopper. We get lots of the brown, winged ones, especially at the height of the hot, dry days of summer. They have wings but don’t fly far. We also have a lot of neighborhood cats who wander through, as well as the two very friendly cats of our immediately-to-the-left neighbor’s cats, who sit on our back porch on our chairs.

    My WV post is here:

    • annamadeit says:

      Thanks, Alison! I do love cats, but I want our garden to belong to OUR cat, so I was quite heartbroken to learn that the poor guy doesn’t stand a chance if he ever had to defend “his” territory. He barely wants to go out anymore after being shredded by this other cat who I think is a stray, and who seems a bit loopy. She comes seeking attention, but when you try petting her, she swipes at you… My mode of operation is to try preventing her from coming into the yard at all. 😦

  5. There were lots of critters in the garden my WV comes from today. The flying, biting kind…

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  7. mmwm says:

    I have the same fantasy about insects and other animals finding my yard a welcome oasis. I know they do. Here’s my WV:

  8. Tina says:

    Great little green thing–both leaf and hopper!

  9. Cool. Haven’t seen any grasshoppers yet in the garden, but have seen some katydids. We do occasionally see grasshoppers, but not yet this year.

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