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My first blog – The Creative Flux – was begun in 2010/2011 in order to give voice to my fledgling design studio Optic Verve and my interest in sustainability in design. At that point, having most of my experience in interior design and remodeling, I was aiming to create a place where I could feature and let the world know about cool resources and new building materials that were cleaner and better, both for us and our environment. I also wanted an outlet for my ever-growing garden obsession. As its name implies, the Creative Flux touches on – and will continue to do so – all those things and more. The red thread running through it has always been the notion that everything is connected, and our choices and actions have wide-reaching impact. This resulted in positive, life-affirming, sometimes somewhat disjointed stories of various focus – all tinged with a hope to share, excite and educate.

But, the time has come where I feel I want to create a new blog – a vehicle where my journey into completely geeked-out garden revelry will expand and be unabashedly exposed. The decision to start Flutter & Hum also coincided with a marvelous career challenge – I was hired to be part of a team tasked with maintaining a small retail nursery while simultaneously turning it into a garden design showroom. Doubtlessly, there will be cross-over between the two blogs, as well as instances of re-blogging from one to the other, but Flutter & Hum is where seed heads will hit the proverbial fan, ideas be tested and inspiration sprout. Here I will  feature interesting gardens I visit, wax poetic about new plant favorites, and document the many adventures of the merry band of PNW garden bloggers I’m now a happy and proud part of. Enjoy!

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