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Gifts for posterity

As some of you know, I spend a few days a week at Joy Creek – arguably one of our most interesting local nurseries. It was started 26 years ago by Mike and Maurice. After years of looking, they realized that … Continue reading

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New acquaintances and old addictions

So, I meant to report on the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, which is happening this weekend. My friends and former co-workers Gina and William, and I went up to see it on Thursday when it opened. This is our … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vignette – killer filler

Was pondering the role of Heucheras, and came to the conclusion that while they are not all that interesting in and of themselves, they make fab fillers. Their wide range of colors and sometimes two-tone leaves add an interesting depth and dimension when … Continue reading

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Xera – only a few Miles away

Sometimes you just have to spend at least part of your day off doing something fun. (You know, as opposed to all that other stuff you have to do…) I felt I hadn’t seen my pal Laura in a while, so … Continue reading

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Greenhouse glimpse

Sometimes, the light is just irresistible. And sometimes your photos don’t show just how irresistible that light was. Oh well, I can still enjoy the forms and the colors of these wonderful plants:  

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Nuts over Pistachio

I’m often rather quick in my judging – occasionally too quick. And, sometimes it takes me a while to realize it. When I do, I always feel a little foolish – rightfully so. Oh well, I always think that maybe next … Continue reading

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Saying hello to Jim!

Although navigating most of the front edge of our yard often warrants the use of a machete, the northwest corner of it has been conspicuously empty. It used to house some lower growing shade lovers, but never really looked good, … Continue reading

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