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Create… create!

As luck would have it, Judy – one of the GardenTime co-hosts – had visited Joy Creek and gotten a kick out of the table gardens on display out there. Long story short – as some of you may have … Continue reading

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Five miniature table gardens

Awright… here we go! The five little table gardens I made for Joy Creek this week, and wrote about in yesterday’s Vignette post. Since each of these portable tables is only a square foot in size, even a little 4″ … Continue reading

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The punk rock bride

Those of you who have been with me for a while know I have a bit of a hang-up with the color pink. Not hot pink as much as baby pink, but still… it remains a difficult color for me, … Continue reading

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Cheap and easy planters

I have a bit of a bi-polar, existential dispute going on within my persona. On the one hand, the sun instantly burns my skin to a color resembling a freshly cooked shrimp, and both body and mind yearn for the … Continue reading

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