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All lit up

For as much as a Grinch as I am, the one thing I really appreciate about Christmas on our side of the globe, is all the lights glimmering in an otherwise darkened world. I find the idea of an evergreen … Continue reading

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Glimpses from the 2017 Ninth Moon Floral Design Showcase at Lan Su

I have my sweet friend William to thank for the privilege of attending the opening night of this floral extravaganza. It’s an annually occurring event centering on the Chrysanthemum – the flower of the ninth lunar month – and taps … Continue reading

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How to build a fern table

Let me just preface this post by saying that I had a great day! I had nearly an entire, uninterrupted day to do something I have wanted to do for months – build some fern tables! Ever since I first … Continue reading

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A dozen super-duper reasons why you really should plant in Autumn!

Come July, everyone but the most fanatic of gardeners turn their backs on purveyors of plants. I totally get it – it’s too freaking HOT to labor in the garden! The soil has turned to impenetrable rock, and all you … Continue reading

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So much to be thankful for – Thanksgiving 2016

Here it is again – one of my two favorite Holidays in my adopted country – Thanksgiving. (The other one is Halloween, but you probably knew that already.) I guess it would be easy to just focus on the food, … Continue reading

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I had some fabulous plans for today. First, I was going to work in the garden, and in the late afternoon, I was to head out to a plant nerd event at the Bamboo Garden. This, I looked forward to … Continue reading

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Cheap and easy planters

I have a bit of a bi-polar, existential dispute going on within my persona. On the one hand, the sun instantly burns my skin to a color resembling a freshly cooked shrimp, and both body and mind yearn for the … Continue reading

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