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Snowy February garden photo-op

Okay, so it snowed… I suppose that means it will be less difficult to stay inside and do paper work, but still… I had to venture out at least a little bit, and take some pictures. It’s interesting how similar … Continue reading

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All lit up

For as much as a Grinch as I am, the one thing I really appreciate about Christmas on our side of the globe, is all the lights glimmering in an otherwise darkened world. I find the idea of an evergreen … Continue reading

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New acquaintances and old addictions

So, I meant to report on the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, which is happening this weekend. My friends and former co-workers Gina and William, and I went up to see it on Thursday when it opened. This is our … Continue reading

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The last rose…

Every so often, Portland gets hit with a little snow, and sometimes even an ice storm. Over the past two days, we got both – a double whammy. Once again, I am thankful for the roof over my head, and … Continue reading

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My very own fertility goddess

Standing in a field, outside the little town where I grew up, is an ancient cairn, said to be a Bronze Age tribute to the  fertility cult of Freyr and Freya. It has been there longer than anyone knows, and is … Continue reading

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First rain of summer


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More little white flowers…

A month or two ago, I decided to take out my Japanese Snowbell. But, not until after flowering. The heavenly scent that envelops the neighborhood when it does, is marvelous! Of course, now that it is in full, exuberant bloom, … Continue reading

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