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Pesky little buggers – Azalea lace bugs

When we first moved to the Pacific NW, I was thrilled and astounded at the variety of Rhododendrons and Azaleas available to Oregon gardeners. Before long, this infatuation wore off, I got a little jaded, and when we bought a house, I … Continue reading

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Costmary – humble guardian of the feminine principle

I have a gathering of herbs in my garden that I use for cooking. Nothing out of the ordinary, but enough to pull off a decent meal here and there. Earlier this year, I came across a completely new (to me) herb … Continue reading

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My Big Weed

You know how sometimes some plant appears in your garden, and you don’t really know what it is? You end up watching it awhile, and eventually you decide whether you want to keep it – or not. This spring, a … Continue reading

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I have a love-hate relationship with Columbines. Well, hate is an awfully strong word… I guess it’s more of a love/slight annoyance kind of relationship. The Aquilegia – or Columbine – is one of those plants, that once you have … Continue reading

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Rubus lineatus – not quite on the wild side…

Originally posted on The Creative Flux:
You can always tell the pot smokers from the non-users the first time they as new visitors walks up our driveway. At a particular point in this short journey, the hemp users invariably jump,…

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