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Wednesday Vignette – my definition of hell

My definition of hell is a city with no trees. Where heat and harsh light bounce from one hard surface to the next, and there is no escape. The other day, I happened to drive down a street I used … Continue reading

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NWFGS 2016 – a doubter’s report

Next week, it is time for the Northwest Flower and Garden show in Seattle again. That means it took me a year to write this post. I apologize. In all honesty, I had a hard time with it, as I … Continue reading

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So suddenly, it was done…

You know that god-awful feeling when a beloved pet gets hit by a car? Well, even if you don’t (which I hope), you can probably imagine the gut-wrenching sorrow that ensues. How could this have been prevented? Why did this … Continue reading

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The Big Picture

In election times, it is really difficult to learn enough about certain issues. To some extent, I (and I imagine most people) rely on the synopses provided by various media and organizations to weed through all the information and distill … Continue reading

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Yes or No on 92? Cut through the crap, and the answer will reveal itself.

Election tensions are ramping up here in Oregon – on some issues more than others. In this past week, we received no less than three mailings from those representing the NO-side of Measure 92 – the Measure┬ácalling for labeling of … Continue reading

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