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Wednesday Vignette – civility, color, and contrast

The MAX train murders in our fair city this past week has been on my mind – a lot. And, before that, an incidence of racist arson… I just don’t understand that kind of hatred. Portland is very fair, as … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vignette – new beginnings

This is a big week with lots of milestones. Not just in terms of our earthly rotation – as the end of fall almost unnoticeably glides into winter – but also worldly events on the national, political arena, the beginning … Continue reading

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Greg’s garden – on gardening with xeric plants

On one of those beautiful, bright but misty autumn mornings at the end of September, I and a bunch of other designers were invited to Greg Shepherd – one of the co-owners of Xera – a local nursery that specializes … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vignette – Bees knees

“You have to come over – it looks great!”, she said. So, today I ventured over to see a client, who also has become a dear friend, to look at the front garden we planted last year. She was right … Continue reading

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Random springiness on the First Day of Spring

So, it’s the First Day of Spring, they say. To me, it  seems half way over – I haven’t written a single post about the garden marvels I’ve come across this year. Oh well, better late than never. Here are a few – in no particular order… … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vignette and Foliage Follow-up

It always irks me when people who say they want “color” in their gardens mean that they want Petunias, or whatever flowering marvel du jour. What do they think this is – chopped liver? Besides being time for my usual Wednesday … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vignette – such subtle nuance

Perhaps I am reaching a new stage in my development as a gardener, but I’m really starting to notice conifers around me. I mean noticing in a “oh, I need some of that” kind of way. It is probably futile … Continue reading

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The Celebratory Colors of Fall

A quick walk around the nursery yard with the camera today yielded some pretty photos, which I thought could serve as a suitable celebration of some fabulous news. Most of you know that I am part of a team tasked with revamping a … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vignette – that elusive red

Photographing reds is difficult. Try as you might – more often than not, they appear washed out or stretched in one spectral direction or other. Getting it right is a game I have failed at more times than I care … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vignette – I eat my words

I sometimes get to eat my words. I’m okay with that. I’m opinionated, and opinionating is what opinionated people do. When it comes to how things look or are put together, my initial reaction is gut level – not intellectual or … Continue reading

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