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Foliage Follow-Up Day – November 2017

Today was a much better day for outdoor photography than yesterday. Sure, it’s still wet, but it’s nowhere near the kind of deluges we had then. Not a whole lot to see out there right now. Parts of the yard … Continue reading

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Bloom Day – November 2017

This particular Bloom Day happens to fall on one of the crappiest, wettest days so far in our fair city. It is really a godawful day to venture outside! But, I braved the rain and mud for about five minutes, … Continue reading

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Blooms and foliage – August 2017

This has been a terrible summer for me, in terms of keeping up on blog memes – I have missed several months worth… Once (or was it twice?), I even missed my own, and had to play catch-up later in … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vignette – missing the Rustbelt…

Went shopping for metal yesterday. It was more of a curiosity trip as I had no real goals to fulfill – I just wanted to see what was available. It’s been years since I shopped for scrap metal, and in … Continue reading

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The last rose…

Every so often, Portland gets hit with a little snow, and sometimes even an ice storm. Over the past two days, we got both – a double whammy. Once again, I am thankful for the roof over my head, and … Continue reading

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Post-election Blooms, Pods and Foliage – November 2016

A garden is a good reminder that life goes on, outside of our human drama. And, it its a good place for demons to disperse, and some semblance of sanity to be restored. I spent some time putzing around out … Continue reading

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First rain of summer


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