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Create… create!

As luck would have it, Judy – one of the GardenTime co-hosts – had visited Joy Creek and gotten a kick out of the table gardens on display out there. Long story short – as some of you may have … Continue reading

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Five miniature table gardens

Awright… here we go! The five little table gardens I made for Joy Creek this week, and wrote about in yesterday’s Vignette post. Since each of these portable tables is only a square foot in size, even a little 4″ … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vignette – mini table gardens

At Joy Creek Nursery, we have these wonderful fern tables sitting around. They are the result of several years of fern table workshops that are taught by Richie Steffen of the Elizabeth Miller Botanical Garden . These fern tables are built … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vignette – where are the young’uns?

This past weekend, the annual Hydrangea walk/talk took place at Joy Creek Nursery. Maurice – one of the co-owners, and Hydrangea connoisseur exceptionel – walked a rather large group of interested gardeners through the expansive collection of non-trademarked Hydrangeas, telling … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vignette – beyond the startle of the surprise…

I have always had the most intense snake phobia. Ridiculous, I know – I have been known to drop books and scream if I was surprised by a photo of a snake in it. If you are the same way, … Continue reading

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Gifts for posterity

As some of you know, I spend a few days a week at Joy Creek – arguably one of our most interesting local nurseries. It was started 26 years ago by Mike and Maurice. After years of looking, they realized that … Continue reading

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Blogger Appreciation Day at Joy Creek!!!

I admit it – I have been a bit consumed with national politics and the world’s reactions lately. But who can blame me? One nut bag decree issued, after the other… It’s been almost three years since I got my American citizenship. … Continue reading

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The many joys of Joy Creek

I live in an area blessed with an abundance of wonderful nurseries and growers. Those located outside of the city are worth visiting even if you’re not shopping for anything in particular, as they often have mature display gardens to … Continue reading

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