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Bloom Day – April 2020

Edit: It was late when I posted this, so I forgot the courtesy of linking to our hostess’ blog May Dreams Gardens, so here you go! Next month it will indeed be May, but check it out this month too, … Continue reading

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Bloom Day – February 2020

I suppose I should have seen it coming. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, so a little simple logic would have indicated that today is Bloom Day. Still, I almost forgot. It was a cold, rainy day here in Portland, but I … Continue reading

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Wide vistas and wet closeups

We had the most wonderful long Easter weekend with friends in their log cabin on the Deschutes River, near Mt. Bachelor. The weather was wonderful, and over the course of our stay, we both skied and paddled, ate and toasted … Continue reading

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Little white flowers everywhere!

When we bought our house, we found a number of Viburnums growing along the fence in the backyard, toward our neighbor on the west side. I’m not sure exactly what kind, but I’m guessing V. oculus. They are still there. Their arching … Continue reading

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Blooms and foliage – April, 2016

Lack of time made me think it a good idea to make a mixed post of both the flowers and leaves of April, for everyone’s favorite monthly memes. Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day, and also to … Continue reading

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Random springiness on the First Day of Spring

So, it’s the First Day of Spring, they say. To me, it  seems half way over – I haven’t written a single post about the garden marvels I’ve come across this year. Oh well, better late than never. Here are a few – in no particular order… … Continue reading

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Blooms and Foliage – May 2015

This month, to make up for lack of time, I will post a blend of blooms and foliage for the two mid-month memes I like to take part in. Thanks for hosting, Carol at May Dreams Gardens and Pam Penick at Digging . … Continue reading

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An April flashback

April was horrendously busy, so I never got to show off the lovelies that were sprouting up here and there in the usual monthly memes. After positively balmy March weather, with the arrival of April, we regressed to more normal … Continue reading

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March is the new April

Things are moving along at madcap speeds out there. If I miss a couple of days, I can always count on something having changed when I finally get out there. This time, there were Tulips among other treasures. And more blooming Clematis.   … Continue reading

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