Wednesday Vignette

In early January, 2015, when I was indulging my insatiable plant lust and erratic gardening style – yet again – by acquiring more plants (for no other reason that that they looked irresistible together) I decided I needed a new outlet for my unrealistic obsession for playing with materials, colors and textures. Anyone who has seen it knows that there simply is no more room in the little patch of land I call my garden. And frankly – I’m getting tired of constantly planting, building, dismantling, digging, rearranging, disrupting, and moving things around. Even more so, I’m getting tired of half-finished projects. At some point, you just want to call it good, and start enjoying it…. right? So, since I seem predestined to always imagine things in vignettes, and tend to seek color and form in new (to me, at least) contexts and combinations, as well as constantly take note of inspiring schemes around me, I thought I’d start a new meme; the Wednesday Vignette. At least the process would give me a repository for my random collection of worthy eye-catchery – and let me off the hook in terms of having to physically try it out.


This meme celebrates combinations. The inspiration of the week can be foliage and flowers, but it can also consist of surrounding materials, colors and textures, or a combination of it all – anything that creates an arresting display in the world around us. It can be from gardens as well as buildings, urban grit or grand vistas. Scale is arbitrary – your vignette can be as small or as large, as stark or as flamboyant, as simple or as complex as you like it. It can be something carefully constructed, and it can be something completely random. I remember my father-in-law’s puzzlement over my fascination over the color fluctuations of a half-rotten, homegrown pepper which had gotten a little over-ripe on the sunny window sill. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous, but I will never forget the look on his face. He thought I was stark raving mad!  Seriously, the Wednesday Vignette can be ANYTHING! As so often happens with inspiration – it can come from anywhere – from where you least expect it. See it, capture it, and share it!


It’s easy! Post a photo of a combination that inspires you on your blog every Wednesday, and copy the link to it in the comment section on this blog. Have fun! 🙂

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